[Kitchenfloor] Floor Tile Day 2 Days And Counting And Maybe The Sink And Stove Will Be In By The Weekend And I Can Stop Eating Canned Soup From A Microwave Stillhaventpickedappliances Kitchenfloor

Floor Tile Day 2 Days And Counting And Maybe The Sink And Stove Will Be In By The Weekend And I Can Stop Eating Canned Soup From A Microwave Stillhaventpickedappliances Kitchenfloor

Floor tile day. 2 days and counting and maybe the sink and stove will be in by the weekend and I can stop eating canned soup from a microwave. stillhaventpickedappliances ordrawerpulls orbacksplash kitchen kitchenremodel kitchentile kitchenreno floortile greytile kitchenrenovation kitchenfloor ceragres ceragrestile tiles tilefloor tile

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  1. inthefunlane says:


  2. greatwhitenowhere says:

    Getting there!

  3. tenillelafontaine says:

    Oh exciting!!

  4. northstoryca says:

    @inthefunlane it took me just as long to choose the grout colour as it did the tile. Which of course looks different in person than via online colours.

  5. northstoryca says:

    @greatwhitenowhere I see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it still has a big gaping hole for a dishwasher and a range hood. πŸ˜‚ I won't even get into the fridge.

  6. northstoryca says:

    @tenillelafontaine yes! I miss my range.

  7. visualheart says:

    Looking good!!

  8. colleenpastoor says:

    Ahh I saw your tweet about renovations and feeding your kids- no wonder! No one feeds their kids properly when they're in the middle of a kitchen Reno... NO ONE

  9. northstoryca says:

    @visualheart I can't wait to see it with the grout.

  10. northstoryca says:

    @colleenpastoor they've eaten KD, meatballs, hash browns and hot dogs. Tonight it's McD's. Parent of the year.

  11. vinyetetc says:

    Looking good lady!

  12. northstoryca says:

    @vinyetetc I should be thanking my FIL who helped me paint the room yesterday in time for this.

  13. heytallgirl143 says:

    Go out for a nice steak dinner and beer tonight!!!

  14. northstoryca says:

    @heytallgirl143 I wish! He's on evenings. It's been a long tiring week. I'm really looking forward to this getting done to at least useable space.

  15. greenbug2014 says:

    Greg and I are going to stop by to check it out! Looks awesome!

  16. northstoryca says:

    @greenbug2014 anytime!

  17. beckiandchris says:

    Loving this tile Alex!!!!

  18. northstoryca says:

    @theuncommonlaw isn't it funny how it's the brand you recommended and we didn't realize it until after it was ordered. Lol!

  19. thediymommy says:

    It's looking beautiful!

  20. beckiandchris says:

    @northstoryca I love that! Haha they seriously make the prettiest tile around

  21. northstoryca says:

    @thediymommy thanks for the chats about tile layout. It really helped!

  22. housebythebay says:

    Looks great!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  23. northstoryca says:

    @housebythebay now to keep the kids off of it til it dries.

  24. diane_rc123 says:

    Maybe you can borrow a hot plate? πŸ˜‚ You can cook frozen pasta (ravioli/tortellini) in the slow cooker with sauce if that's helpful!?! The tile looks great so far!

  25. dreamhouseproject says:


  26. northstoryca says:

    @diane_rc123 ha! I used our slow cooker for the first time in 5 years and was so impressed it may be my new way of cooking chicken.

  27. northstoryca says:

    @dreamhouseproject 2 days lady. 2 days.

  28. visualheart says:

    Just know that you picked a beautiful grey tile in the end! πŸ‘

  29. richardcazeau says:

    Go Alex!!

  30. dreamhouseproject says:

    @northstoryca hang in there!

  31. northstoryca says:

    @visualheart if I went w the darker one I would have regretted it. This is a lot lighter in person.

  32. northstoryca says:

    @richardcazeau LOL so do I need to be a guest on a show with you and we can talk about home decor

  33. richardcazeau says:

    @northstoryca Nah. You should just vlog! Show more video of what you're doing now. You're practically #themercwiththemouth but in home Reno/Demo.

  34. northstoryca says:

    @richardcazeau can I swear though? πŸ˜‚

  35. richardcazeau says:

    @northstoryca yup!

  36. t4r_brickwall says:

    @richardcazeau Deadpool reference πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  37. scoutdecor says:


  38. wearejovili says:

    Tile is going to look great!

  39. northstoryca says:

    @the_little_yellow_house the space is about 9 foot wide.

  40. the_little_yellow_house says:

    @northstoryca ours is longer but narrower so not not much option with the layout, which is fine it’s just the style I’m struggling with

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