[Kitchenlighting] It Was Torture Choosing A Kettle & A Toaster (did You Know There Is Like A Billion To Choose From ) But In The End I Think It Came All Good These Brevilleuk Ones Really Set Kitchenlighting

It Was Torture Choosing A Kettle & A Toaster (did You Know There Is Like A Billion To Choose From ) But In The End I Think It Came All Good These Brevilleuk Ones Really Set Kitchenlighting

It was torture choosing a kettle & a toaster (did you know there is like a billion to choose from ) but in the end I think it came all good These brevilleuk ones really set those rose gold tones have a great day peeps renovationproject homesofinstagram greyfloor homeinspo newbuildinteriors interiordesign actualinstagramhomes toaster interiorstyling renovation whitetoaster kettle movinghouse newhome designbyadele styledbyajb breville glosswhitekitchen whiteandgreykitchen copperkettle kitchengoals copperaccessories ledstrip kitchenlighting greyfloors rosegoldkettke whitekitchen fencing plinthlights ledlights breville

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  1. mama_atnumber2 says:

    Good choice! Xx

  2. ledstripdriver says:


  3. jonathanfaulds says:

    @hollyvnugent I was about to buy these last night 🀫

  4. xvikki1x says:

    Love these.xx

  5. hollyvnugent says:

    @jonathanfaulds I LOVE these 😍

  6. designbyadele says:

    @jonathanfaulds Best Buy her them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

  7. tanya.louise.daly says:

    I have these too 😍😍

  8. myorganisedbubble says:

    Good choice! I have these too 😍

  9. karen_at_homelife says:

    Are they cream or white pls x

  10. designbyadele says:

    @karen_at_homelife white! X

  11. mikeyg1985 says:

    Having a nightmare trying to find one in either black or white with antique Gold or brass features...

  12. designbyadele says:

    @mikeyg1985 ok I will make it my mission to find you one x

  13. designbyadele says:

    @mikeyg1985 try John Lewis, Alessi , eBay or Amazon x

  14. fridamabacker says:


  15. misstunstall01 says:

    @designbyadele I have these, love them but I want tea/coffee/sugar canisters to match and can’t find any anywhere 🧐 what have you gone for to match? Xx

  16. designbyadele says:

    @misstunstall01 sent you a msg x

  17. shelleeyann says:


  18. natashaflint95 says:

    That's the one I really like!! 😍

  19. designbyadele says:

    @natashaflint95 it’s gorgeous, even better in real life x

  20. makeup_artist_sukhi says:

    i have set, love it!

  21. oak.cottage says:

    I have the same and LOVE them. I didn't use my toaster for ages after buying it. I just got my old one out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they will look perfect in your gorgeous kitchen xxx

  22. mikeyg1985 says:

    @designbyadele thanks, I’ve had a look but there doesn’t seem to be anything around. I’m sure something will come up soon though.

  23. designbyadele says:

    @mikeyg1985 can you get one custom made?

  24. mikeyg1985 says:

    @designbyadele is that a thing?

  25. neilswife05 says:

    I feel your kettle and toaster indecision!!!! Lovely choice 😊

  26. designbyadele says:

    @mikeyg1985 anything is a thing if you have enough money x

  27. megglove21 says:

    @jess_lovey did you get these ones

  28. lily_bygott says:

    @amberrosebygott how lush u need this

  29. jazzbrycex says:

    Where are your worktops from xxx

  30. designbyadele says:

    @jazzbrycex Homebase x

  31. focusedmummy says:

    I have these & love them !

  32. daisymayyp says:


  33. jazzbrycex says:

    @designbyadele thank you I love them xx

  34. elysebarkerx says:


  35. itsmetanaxclusive says:

    @designbyadele Can you send me a dm too please x

  36. chazza542 says:


  37. doyleydee says:

    @designbyadele I have exact same set by not copper. Is that how you bought them?

  38. designbyadele says:

    @doyleydee yes xx

  39. traceycorfield says:

    @designbyadele can you send me pic to chick I have these but can find tea coffee sugar x

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